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The prerequisites of filing the income tax include a social security number or an ITIN- individual tax identification number for yourself and those claimed as dependents in your filing.

To claim your child as dependent, he must meet the qualifying criteria. Your child must be younger than you and, as of the end of the calendar year, must be younger than 19 years old or be a student younger than 24 years. As long as you meet the qualifying criteria, you may claim a dependency exemption for your child-

  • Dependent taxpayer test.
  • Citizen or resident test.
  • Qualifying child or qualifying relative test.
  • Joint return test.

At SB Consulting, an accounting firm in Wichita KS, we pride ourselves in offering services cut above the rest.

  • We have a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience in taxing services.
  • Our accountant will work with you and answer all your queries before, during or after the return is prepared.
  • We do our best to make the tax filing process easier and simpler for you. Based on the information you provide, we will guide you through uploading the necessary documents without the endless calculations and forms needed to complete them.

Finally, we believe in transparency and honesty and deliver the best services per your expectations.

Taxation is often a complex process that requires additional reporting. You will need to file the forms to eliminate double taxation and may also need to report foreign bank accounts to the US treasury, the IRS or both via FBAR and FATCA form 8938. Also, you may be required to consult relevant tax treaties to ensure you can successfully minimize the US tax liability.

With ever-changing laws, we feel it is advisable to consult an experienced tax accountant Wichita KS to help. The penalties associated with an improper filing can be very costly. In addition, as an expat, you also need to learn about the additional forms and schedules and find the tax software that can easily accommodate your needs and requirements. Filing with SB consulting will help ensure that your taxes are 100% accurate and filed on time.

The simple answer is yes. Fortunately, our experience dealing with such situations allows us to file your US return easily. In such situations, we will ask you to provide the total income and taxes paid. Will will also require information on any other income or expenses paid out, including bank interest, childcare expenses, housing costs, school payments, etc. Lastly, if you have any proof of employment, that would greatly help. Having copies of your bank statements that should be the deposit you receive from your employer is also of great help.

If you are a US resident, your extension deadline is April 15th to push your tax return deadline to October 15th. On the other hand, if you are an expatriate, you get an automatic extension to June 15th to file your tax returns. If you wish to have more time and would like to file by October 15th, you must file the extension request by June 15th.

Maintaining high standards and quality of work is of utmost importance for a successful client relationship. We ensure several measures are in place to ensure the highest quality. These include-

  • Detailed time estimates for deliverables.
  • Build-in tools and process automation.
  • Effective backup to guarantee continuity of critical processes.
  • Full transparency.

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