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There is a lot of pressure involved in running a business. It can also be costly to maintain an in-house accounting team. SB Consulting Services is one of the leading accounting firms in Wichita KS. We are committed to maintaining the financial health of your company so that you can concentrate on running your business.

If your company needs assistance with your accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes, SB Consulting Services is here to help. We are a great option to help you meet all your needs. With our services, you will have accurate financial data to help making decisions easier.

Shelley Basham – Owner of SB Consulting Services, LLC

We are professional, knowledgeable and very competent in the services we provide.

Shelley Basham is the owner of SB Consulting Services, LLC., an Accounting firm in Wichita KS. She is an Accountant with an MBA. Her niche is working with small businesses. Shelley is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and provides consulting and setup services for QuickBooks. She is specialized in the Desktop and On-line versions.

She has trained staff that are well versed in QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale), QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks Time (Time Tracking) software for the Desktop and Online platforms.

Shelley collaborates with clients training and coaching either one on one, or in group settings to implement the tools and processes that helps them be successful in managing their own bookkeeping needs.
Training programs are customized for the entire accounting department or individual one on one.

Her team provides accounting & bookkeeping services along with personal and business tax return preparation. Building long term relationships and really getting to know our clients is the goal for every client we work with.

If you are utilizing a Tax Accountant, we can help bridge the gap between our client and their Tax professional by providing quality services, accurate financials for tax return preparation.

She is a busy person. When not collaborating with Clients she is spending time with her family and helping others.

Accounting Services for Simply Steamy Joe

Professional and knowledgeable.

I started my restaurant with only bare minimum number of the accounting I would need to be using. When the organization that handled my business loans saw that I was frustrated and lacking assistance, they recommended Shelley. So glad they did she was patient kind and professional. So easy to work with. I certainly thank God for her.

Industry: Food Services & Drinking Places

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: IRS representation, Personal tax, Self-employed Schedule C tax, Small business tax, Tax advice, Tax consulting services, Tax planning, Tax preparation, Tax services, Tax setup
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Steamy Joe Sep 19, 2020
Accounting Services for Robin Boutique

Shelley is the best!

Shelley has been incredibly helpful for our business. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me clean up our inventory and integrate our quickbooks with our new online software. She has also helped with many other things throughout the last few years of working together.

Uses: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks Payroll

Services Received: Consulting, Financial services, Inventory services, IT consulting, Payroll, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks setup, QuickBooks training, Small business tax, Tax consulting services

Robinseldorado Aug 15, 2020
Accounting Services for Robin Boutique

Shelley Helped Change the Course of our Business

Shelley has helped with many things for my business over the years. She has helped with inventory, taxes for my business and personal, in depth tax advising among so many other things. I ended up hiring her as my full time bookkeeper for my small business. She is a good person who truly takes ownership in every project.

Uses: QuickBooks Desktop Pro

Services Received: Book cleanup, Bookkeeping, Consulting, Financial planning, Financial reporting, Financial services, Inventory services, IRS representation, Payroll, Personal tax, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks setup, QuickBooks training, Small business tax, Tax advice, Tax consulting services, Tax planning, Tax preparation, Tax services, Tax setup

Robin, Business Owner March 1, 2021
Accounting Services for Trinity Heights

Client Testimonial

I am the executive director of Trinity Heights Respite Care non-profit. Shelley began helping this organization when the former director resigned. The board was at lost how to complete payroll with the accounting program-QuickBooks . Shelley was recommended to our organization to help with our accounting problems. She advised the board what needed to be done, and quickly took over the accounting department of our non-profit organization.
Shelley and employees respond quickly with any of my questions and problems. The staff is experienced and reliable. They listen to our concerns and gives expert advise to our organization. Being a non-profit that provides care for families with a child that has a disability, payroll can create many challenges with documents and payroll.
One of the main obstacles that Shelley and Linda had was transferring all finances documents for over many years to a new finance program. They gave many hours setting up a new Quick Books.
Also last year our organization decided to reorganize and become a new non-profit. Again many changes and forms to fill-out- both state and federal.
This accounting firm goes beyond to help find a solution and are an expert at finding solutions.
Trinity Heights Respite Care highly recommends this accounting firm to all companies. You can put your trust in Shelley Basham Accounting Company.

Executive of Trinity Heights Respite Care Connie Rickard
Accounting Services for My Home Care LLC

Client Testimonial

I have used Shelley and her accounting services for several years and they have helped my business out immensely. Shelley is extremely patient and willing to teach and train, as she is well versed in accounting and QuickBooks. Shelley has even traveled to my office and trained my office staff on how to get the most out of our accounting software. She is very friendly and easy-going, which makes the process of working with her that much easier. I would highly recommend Shelley to a person that needs personal tax help all the way up to full-fledged businesses in the Wichita area.

My Home Carem LLC Owner/Administrator - Trenton Hughes
Accounting Services for Country Child Care

A Godsend

We were introduced to Shelley through the SBA four years ago. During this time our business was close to bankrupt, it had been poorly managed, and the accountant we had before had left the books in a chaos and confusion. I feel in my heart that God sent us Shelley. She has been with us every step of the way and transformed our relationship with our banker and helped the business come up with an actual business plan. I know for a fact that there is not another accountant that would go above and beyond like she has for our family and company. She has been an absolute joy to work with these years. I only wish we had found her years before so I knew how enjoyable a relationship an accountant and company could have. I recommend her for anyone who is looking for someone who will be in your corner every step of the way, but at the same time tell you the hard truths that you need to hear. Shelley has never been anything other than professional and she meets with all the deadlines set for her. I can’t speak more highly of her performance and quality of work.

Services Received:
1099 filing, Accounting, Audits, Book cleanup, Bookkeeping, Business budgeting and forecasting, Business plans, Consulting, Estate & trust, Expatriate (non-resident) tax services, Financial reporting, Financial services, IRS representation, Payroll, Personal financial planning, Personal tax, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks setup, QuickBooks training, Self-employed Schedule C tax, Small business tax, Sustainability audit, Tax advice, Tax consulting services, Tax planning, Tax preparation, Tax services, Tax setup

Jill Kramer Sep 18, 2020
Accounting Services for Simply Bakebeleive

Vital part of our business!!

Shelley’s expertise in all aspects of small business start up has been absolutely the best. Being new to running a business, I had no knowledge of what all I needed to do and prepare for. I could not be doing this with out her!!

Industry: Food Services & Drinking Places

Uses: QuickBooks Online

Services Received: Business budgeting and forecasting, Consulting, Financial services, Payroll, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks Payroll, Startup consulting

SBBSJ Sep 19, 2020
Accounting Services for Jblawn Services

Client Testimonial

I’m a small business which has been around for 14 years, I have had a few accountants over the years and I never met an accountant who is willing to go over and beyond for a customer. Her company straightened out my books and guided my business in the right direction. Great company the prices are so fair it I wish I would have called years ago. SB Consulting Company is the best accountant I have ever worked with.

JB Landscaping LLC Owner
Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

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You can rely on our team to be by your side every step of the way. We want to be your partner and most of all, “Let You Be You”. We provide accounting services for small businesses, small business bookkeeping services, tax services for small businesses and payroll services for small businesses.

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Important Cybersecurity Measures

Important Cybersecurity Measures to Protect Your Accounting Firm

With the advancement in technology, the risk of cyberattacks has increased significantly. Also, cybersecurity has become an increasingly important concern for businesses of all types in the digital age, and accounting firms are no exception. It is because they work and store sensitive financial data of their clients.

Tips for setting a budget for your business?

Tips for setting a budget for your business?

Whether you are a new or an experienced business owner, your responsibility is to manage the business effectively and grow it strategically. Strategic planning is important to success in this highly competitive era. It involves business analysis, budget allocation, new marketing strategies, and analyzing current market trends.

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